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Happy users

Julie, administrative assistant

"I was granted permission to take a sales course some time ago. I was really looking forward to it. But because of the wide range of options on offer, I couldn't see what was the best option for me anymore. Thanks to my dONUS budget, I got easier access to quality sales training. In addition, they took care of everything for me. Very satisfied with both the training and the dONUS approach!"

Marc, warehouse manager

"I used to laugh about it ... but now that I'm forty myself, I realize that it can be beneficial to reflect a bit on your working life. I had the feeling that there might be other and better possibilities at work. I had a constructive discussion with my head of department on the options, but I also wanted the advice of an experienced coach. Someone from outside who helped me to get my strengths and wishes completely clear. Thanks to dONUS, I came into contact with Jeff, an experienced career coach. Now I am standing stronger than ever and with new insights and energy I can move forward again."

Anonymous participant program 5 choices, Accenture

- "I don't work at night anymore. By applying the 5 Choices I organize my day in such a way that I get the most important things done and at 6 o'clock at the latest I can close (and leave!) my laptop with a satisfied feeling"".
- I am better able to focus on one thing at a time. The theory behind the 5 Choices has convinced me of the fact that multitasking and continuous switching between tasks is a distraction".
- 5 Choices constantly remind me of what is important to me. You go back to your personal core values and look further from there."
- I am sharper and have more energy for the rest of the day. Thanks to the 5 Choices, I distribute my energy better over things that are most important, and I get a lot of energy from the fact that I get results."
- Much more effective in my daily work. It's the little things that have helped me to be more productive, such as: planning activities on a weekly and daily basis, organizing all my planned activities in one place, and consciously, and only once, choosing whether or not to respond to a task (and thus to remove it).